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Welcome to my site… I look forward to your response to my work. With this blog I hope to share what’s going on in my studio and hear what’s happening elsewhere and how you are engaging with my work. With Best Thoughts, Deidre

“Convergence”, Torn Paper Weaving, 13 x 14″, 2017

2 thoughts on “Threads Of Thought

  1. Sharon Weissman

    For many years I have been so very moved by your portraits of aged people & those who are dying. I worked as a hospice chaplain & used your art to encourage more open discussion about death.
    I co-facilitate a group at my Temple, called Wise Aging. One of the topics deals is death & dying. I will be attending a retreat on july 15 to advance our skills as facilitators. I would very much like to use your portraits on a presentation I will be doing on learning to discuss death.
    Can I have your permission to copy some of your art &, if so how would I do that.?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Sharon weissman

    1. deidre scherer Post author

      Sharon, thank you for your response to my work and for understanding the power it has to open discussion. Thank you also for knowing to ask for permission and to inquire about copyright. When I like a project, I give permission in writing and provide digital images when possible for a small fee. With student’s work, small non-profits, or reviews I waive the fee. With Best Thoughts, Deidre


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