Among my new works are pieces inspired by my weavings. Here below are all the  3-dimensional paper vessels created in collaboration with artist Jackie Abrams, renowned basket maker and sculptor.

“Couples”, Abrams & Scherer, print on cotton paper, plastic film, linen thread, 9 x 11 x 11” -SOLD

“Couples” (which is now sold) is on view at the Attleboro Arts Museum, was also featured in Fiber Art Now’s in-print exhibition, Excellence in Fibers IV, as their award-winning piece for the Vessel Forms/Basketry category. “Gold Heads” and “Couples in Magenta” (which is sold) are on view at the Heller Museum in NYC during the Covid-19 shutdown. “Hands of Light” and “Up Close” are at Mitchell Giddings Fine Arts in Brattleboro, VT. For more information: