Deidre Scherer, “Nine Icons”, paper construction, 15 x 13 inches

Comments that keep me working:

“…I marvel at your ability to do what you do through stitching that is beyond skilled and through visual and artistic intelligence that is truly a gift.”
 …F.M., Marion, MA

“…the overall effect is seamless such that it looks like it was easy to do. Yet the amount of detailed attention I perceive nearly makes my bones ache.” ….K. D., Brattleboro, VT

“I bought your book Work in Fabric and Thread several years ago. I was captivated then and moved to tears when I revisited it this morning. Thank you for this beautiful work. It is especially poignant in this pandemic time. Options for developing the next stage of life are particularly hard to see in this time of paralysis, but your book gave me hope.”     …B.J.B., Canada