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Work in Fabric and Thread

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soft cover, signed

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Written by the artist, with over 140 color reproductions, Scherer shares her artistic influences and inspirations, including a chapter on her process. “Like a hand-held retrospective, this book presents key images that chronicle my twenty year passion with the medium of thread-on-layered-fabric, tracing the gradual progression of my technique and of finding my voice.”

For questions, special orders, and prints from The Last Year or Surrounded by Family & Friends -email the artist at deidre@dscherer.com

“Scherer writes with a powerful pen, revealing her life, her subjects, her hopes and even her insecurities in tight, moving language… an amazing source of inspiration, and… a darned good read.”
…Aiden James, By Hand, May 1998


“The images in the book contain an element of the miraculous. From the inspiration of the aging and the dying, Scherer has created from pieces of fabric and thread fully modeled, subtly colored, powerfully moving works of art…”
…Eric Massey, The Enterprise,Upper Cape, MA, 1999