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Surrounded by Family and Friends

Surrounded By Family and Friends, a series of life-sized fabric and thread works by artist Deidre Scherer, depicts six distinct death scenes, which include intergenerational and non-traditional families from culturally diverse groups.

Using fabrics as paints, Scherer "draws" with scissors and then layers shapes to give her two-dimensional images a sculptural quality. Using her sewing machine as a drawing tool, she stitches the cloth surface, drawing with multiple lines of colored threads, to create a startling realism.

Surrounded by Family and Friends, promotes an open dialogue about dying as a natural part of life within the context of community and relationship. Scherer is a vital and articulate visual artist whose work invites a broad spectrum of public reaction about this most powerful of life's events.

Selected Reviews for Surrounded by Family and Friends

"Scherer has thrust the images of aging and dying into American conciousness… Surrounded by Family and Friends provides a vehicle for people to speak about the last moments of life, to have conversations about all the things that have been left unsaid. 'That conversation can normalize what has been unspeakable territory…'"

…Marianne Shaughnessy, The Keene Sentinel, May 6, 2001

"Her current series, Surrounded by Family and Friends, depicts the complex relationship of caregivers and the dying. 'We don't die in a vacuum: there's an entire community around us.'"

…Patti Verbanas, Art & Antiques, May 2000

"As honestly as she portrays her subjects, (Scherer) expressed her concerns about American culture's pervading denial of the natural eventuality of dying. …She is inclusive in her images allowing a diverse audience to claim the images as their own. The pieces seduce the eye into entering a world of grief and love all at once startling and somehow reassuring."

…Diana Lischer, Brattleboro Reformer, May 10, 2001


Exhibition Information for Surrounded by Family and Friends

CONTENTS: 6 life-sized framed fabric and thread panels: 2 panels, 56" x 44", 43"x 55", and four panels each 43"x 37" 6 framed drawings: each approximately 17"x14"
Text panel and labels
PARTICIPATION FEE: Provided upon further inquiry
CRATES: 7(approx.)
SHIPPING: Wall to wall insurance and shipping (both ways) paid by borrowing institution
SUPPLEMENTAL: Exhibition catalogue
Books and reproductions
Artist slide lecture under separate agreement
The Last Year, a related nine piece series, under separate agreement
SECURITY: Moderate
LIGHT: Low level; No direct daylight or sunlight; 5-10 foot-candle(20 foot-candle scales)
SCHEDULE: 8 weeks or by agreement

For more information about presenting Surrounded by Family and Friends, contact Deidre Scherer for exhibition packet and scheduling: E-mail.

Surrounded by Family and Friends is supported by a grant from the Project on Death in America of the Open Society Institute

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