The Last Year
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Exhibition in Burlington, VT

My torn-paper weaving, Icon #2 (at left) and small fabric work, In Site (above) are part of "Finding Center: Paper & Fabric Work by Deidre Scherer" which runs until April 29, 2014 at SEABA Gallery. For more details, see Upcoming Events.

Artist's Statement

"Seeing fabric as a fluid medium, I create narrative work by cutting directly, layering, and machine-stitching. Inspired by many disciplines including painting, collage, portraiture, quilting, mosaic, stained glass, assemblage, craft and fine art, I use the pointillistic patterning of printed cloth as the perfect vehicle to carry human elements that are complex and non-verbal."

Scherer抯 thread-on-layered-fabric works are available as custom-made prints including portraits of aging: Archival Prints. Two exhibitions of figurative tableaus lift the invisibility and start a dialogue about death, and therefore about life: Surrounded by Family & Friends and The Last Year


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